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Crossing the Sahara, Seaton and Marion Phillips travelled overland to Kenya with 3 young children in 1972. Seaton has put together a compilation of the diaries kept by each family member on the journey.

On returning to Britain, we bought an upland farm in West Wales and kept suckler cows. Nearing retirement, Seaton fulfilled a long standing ambition in 1995, travelling by train via the Trans-Siberian railway and Hong Kong and then across Australia.

Other memorable travels and holidays have taken him to eastern Europe, Mexico and the Canaries, alone or with various family members. He had a canoeing holiday in Ireland in 1959 when his party traversed the 3 lakes Carra, Mask and Corrib. Marion travelled to Ghana in 2005.

Marion's brother, Pyers Pennant, relates how his wife, Camilla, learned to fly. He has also recorded some of his climbing experiences, and describes a trek he undertook in 2000 in the Hindu Kush, an ascent of Mont Blanc in 1986, Mount Ararat in 1987 and a memorable climb up the north ridge of the Crozzon di Brenta in 1981 with Jeremy (16) and Donald (15).

Pyers and Marion's father, David Pennant, served in India during the war and describes a trek he undertook in Sikkim in 1944.

More about the Phillips family and the Pennant family and their other travels can be found elsewhere on this site.

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